nursery project #1 & updates

Good news! Despite appearances, I haven't actually fallen off the face of the earth. Things are getting busy here with stuff for baby B and with school starting back (which means back to work for me!). Before I share a fun project that I finished up a couple weeks ago, here are some quick life updates:

- Baby B is now 18.5 weeks along and allegedly the size of a sweet potato. I occasionally feel little movements but they're very sporadic. We are so in love!
- Charlie was pretty sick last week but is better now and continuing to be the perfect vision of a supportive husband and loving dad. He now only slightly rolls his eyes 
   when I mention wanting ice cream for the 15th time each day!
- I am still having bouts of fear regarding baby B but doing much better as well. I've been meditating on this song and singing it as a prayer. "You surround me with a 
   song of deliverance from (the Enemy) till all my fears are gone. I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God. ... You drown my fears in perfect love!" 
- I was excited to get lots of beautiful tomatoes out of my garden (first time growing veggies!) and spent my last week off work cooking them into lots of different dishes 
   for our freezer. Much to our dismay, after some bad storms, we discovered that the freezer outlet had shorted out and everything we had put away (10 containers 
   tomatoes and 15 of corn) had been ruined. To say it was a major bummer is quite an understatement, but such is life! Thankfully, I was able to get another small 
   batch of tomatoes before some blight took all the plants down. I would share an after photo but frankly, it's just sad at this point. Oh well!
- We've also recently joined bible study groups at our church and are so excited to continue connecting with new friends and growing together.

Now on to my first "nursery" project! Nursery in quotes because baby B only gets half the room. Regardless, I knew early on some of the artwork I wanted to put up. In addition to two adorable prints from Trafalgar Square on Etsy (whose artwork I adore!), I made the wooden plank sign below:
Just $5 from Hobby Lobby, I started by painting it all grey (though it looks a weird shade in these photos). 
I formatting the lettering digitally and printed it off to scale. I liked the idea of doing a fancy font, but decided to stick to something simple so baby B can read it more easily later. Since the boards are off-set, I cut each line so I could center them better. 
One board at a time, I penciled the letters in and then carefully painted them. I added the blue moon accent before lettering on the bottom three boards.
Sadly, the colors look really weird in photos. And no, we're not necessarily having a boy just because we're using lots of blues! The top four colors are our base colors and then if it's a boy, we'll add the dark blue; if it's a girl, we'll add a little of the pink.
The phrase on the boards is from a kids' song "Skinnamarink" popularized in the 1980s. Though I have no idea where my mom first heard it, she sang it to us almost every night, hand motions included. I have occasionally sung it to Charlie in jest and thought it would be the perfect way to incorporate one of my strongest childhood memories for baby B, who will undoubtedly be hearing it often. The video below is amazing so check out the first minute and you can learn Skinnamarink too!

That's pretty much it for us right now! I'm working on more projects so I'll be back to share soon. Have an incredible week!