winter quilt - finished!

I'm equally embarrassed and thrilled to finally share that I've finished my Winter Quilt Project...from two years ago!

In November 2014, I posted on my old blog about starting my second full-sized quilt project. My first quilt, which I did during my junior year of college was fun but terribly made. None of the corners matched up, the color scheme was bold and awkward, and the size is twin-ish...not so great on the measuring back then. It is, however, extremely soft now and still works great for picnics and with kids. See?
That being said, it was high time to challenge myself with a bigger more advanced project - so I started this Winter Quilt which I hoped to finish by Spring 2015. Ha! Forget that. It took forever and by the time it was pieced and ready to hand-quilt, I was just a few weeks away from double carpal tunnel surgery and knew it would be ages before I could finish it. Other than quilting two blocks, it has sat undisturbed in our closet since last September.

A couple weeks ago, I pulled everything in the closet out to make room for baby B and faced facts. As much as I wanted to hand quilt the entire thing, the reality was that I was never going to finish it in time for the baby to come - and being honest, if it wasn't done before then, it was never going to get done! So I picked out the hand-stitching and started over with knotting it. I finished in a few days and did the binding while my mom was visiting (though in a very rushed manner because I was just over it!). And praise be! It's finished!

All in all, it took 30 different fabrics and 1100+ total pieces to make 81 individual blocks! 
I had while-making-it photos but apparently they were lost when I transitioned my blog over so here's the finished project:
It definitely still isn't perfect, but I'm very content with finishing it and with how much I've learned in the 7 years (that can't be right!) since my last one.

And just in time too...I've already started cutting out squares for Baby B's quilt. Thankfully, it will be much smaller and simpler - plus, I've got a strict deadline! I'll have to wait to share that one though till after Baby B makes his/her appearance since the colors will give away the gender, which we learned in the last couple weeks!

Lesson here: crafters never learn. :)