diy baby tag blanket

This is hands-down one of my favorite diy baby items. It's super easy, cute, fast to make, and usually free. Thankfully, I thought to capture some photos before I started on the one I just finished. I've done a few of these before but this one is extra special. A dear friend is due with her second little one just a few days before we are and while recently discussing baby-related sewing projects, I mentioned this and she hadn't heard of it before. Today's mini-project is a tag blanket, or "taggie."

So so easy, I just start with two 10"x10" squares of fabric. For hers I used cotton on the front and flannel on the back. (both prewashed with non-toxic cleaners)
Next, I ironed and pinned a 1/2" seam around the edges of the top fabric so the unfinished edge gets tucked inside.

Then, I cut an assortment of 6" lengths of ribbon and pinned them around the edges. I try to mix up the colors, styles, widths, and finish of ribbons to make it more interesting. This also can be used as an early developmental tool later as well (ex: Can you find the blue one?). The only cautionary note is to make sure the loops are big enough for little fingers to grab but not so large baby could get his/her hand caught through it.
Next, trim the excess and sew around the edge to secure the ribbons to the top piece. (note: I did go back and fold mitered corners but only because it's a gift - this isn't really necessary). Take the bottom piece, then fold and pin the edges to match the top and sew together. I usually do two passes just to make sure the ribbons are tightly secured inside. And you're done!
The hardest part is picking out the fabric and ribbons! Machine washable but air-dry because of the ribbons. Total time = 30 min. / Total cost = $0 (retails for $10-15)

A win-win sewing project if ever there was one! Naturally, another for Baby B is forthcoming.