fall wreath mini tutorial

Hi friends! Things are going well in these parts and some of us are very happy cooler fall weather has arrived...especially those of us carrying a few extra lbs these days. Little B is 28 weeks and we're excited to really start the countdown to meeting him/her!

In lieu of more nursery prep (which is at a bit of a logistical standstill till after Thanksgiving), I did some fall decorating this week. This tutorial is so simple it really doesn't even deserve the word. I came across this idea a few years ago and have used in on a variety of wreaths, but this new one may be one of my favorites!

Start with a straw wreath form and a skein of your choice of yarn. I liked this flecked white one since it looks a bit like a birch tree when finished. Hot glue the end of the yarn to the form. Pass the skein around and through the form over and over till it wraps it entirely. Like...over and over and over and over forever. Just kidding!
Finish by gluing the end of the yarn to the back of the form (you don't have to use the whole skein, just make sure you don't have any holes showing through). Depending on your style preference, use felt or fall accents to glue decorations to the front. I like a combination.

There are a million awesome felt flower tutorials online so the possibilities are endless. And at 30-ish cents per sheet, you really can't go wrong. For the main flower, I used this tutorial to make a dark red dahlia. It was certainly more effort than some other flowers, but it's a nice focal point. The smaller flowers are made by simply cutting a spiral, rolling it up, and securing it with glue on the bottom - there are tutorials for that style as well. The rest of the accents were pulled from an assortment of stuff I had on hand. I used a bit of wire to form a loop hot glued to the back for a hanger. Let dry completely before hanging and you're done. Total cost - $6. Ta da!

I hope you're all enjoying your own favorite bits of fall!