birth affirmation cards

Hi friends! As we close in on the 36 week mark, final preparations for baby B's arrival are well underway. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas with family and although we still have New Years and our anniversary yet to celebrate (Jan 18 - 3 years!), both occasions are a bit overshadowed this year. It dawned on me this morning that although due dates mean very little, today is exactly one month from ours, which is crazy!!

Though it can feel daunting to prepare for a baby's arrival, there is lots of advice and lists available to help mom sort out her to-dos. Sadly, most of these are just about what needs to be purchased or made. (Don't get me wrong, my week is well-planned with freezer meal prep.) However, neither nursery items nor checklists are as key as an often overlooked aspect of getting yourself ready for birth...mama's mental & emotional state.

While birth is an extremely physical act, much of it is also innate. Whether a woman is ready to give birth or not, her body knows what to do and, without complications, will do it naturally and efficiently. For many modern women, the hardest part can be overcoming the mental barricades, preconceptions, or plans surrounding the birth. While availability of information is a wonderful thing, when it comes to birth, many of us overthink, overplan, and overstress on the details. It is extremely important to be your own advocate and to know your birth options. However, in the midst of all this information and advice, we often open the door self-doubt and anxiety that the women of the past did not face. For centuries, birth was unquestioned and celebrated by groups of women who understood how to help a new mother enter triumphant into this new stage of life. And while medical advances are essential in certain situations, along the way we lost our foundation of confidence in our ability to bring life to the world.

With all that being said, there are amazing resources available through birth advocates to help mamas reclaim the peace of mind to boldly approach their baby's birth, no matter what kind of birth that may be. One of these resources is Birth Affirmation Cards. Simply put, affirmation cards are positive statements regarding birth that mom can focus on leading up to the big day to reinforce her strength and her body's abilities. Many sets are available for purchase and depending on mom's preferences/beliefs, they can look very different. Trying to focus a lot of my energy on mentally preparing for the birth, I realized that my best option was to create my own set of cards...which I'd like to share with you! As a Christian, many of the cards are Bible verses which may not resonate with every woman. But, feel free to use what you like and discard those you don't. I designed them in black & white so I could color them with my favorite colors and have now posted them all around our home for me to glance at or briefly meditate on while brushing my teeth or doing dishes. Once committed to memory, these short sayings or verses can be recalled during the birth or during moments of fear/doubt leading up to the big day - which in the moment may be no small thing.
So - if you'd like a card set for yourself, simply click on the link below to download them for free. Just print, cut out, and color. I hope they encourage you to confidently anticipate your birthing-day! No matter what kind of birth you are planning or end up having, you are amazing and you can do this!!

If you'd like to purchase a more professional set or are interested in more positive birth information, check out MamaNatural.com.