nursery pics

Hi everyone! Baby girl has been part of the world for almost two weeks now, though we still can't believe she's here! As she snuggles up for a nap with dad, I thought I'd share a post I put together a week before she was born. I'll be back to posting eventually, but this time is precious so I'm not rushing.


Hi friends - as we wait (pretty impatiently) for little B to arrive, I thought I'd go ahead and set up a post sharing some of nursery pics. I love looking at "nursery tours" but I don't really consider half a bedroom "tourable" as little B will be sharing space with my sewing desk and a decent amount of storage. Regardless, I am in love with our nursery space and so excited to bring her home!
Crib & changing table corner
Antique dresser I converted to a changing table & small nightstand to hold small stuff with basket of changing misc.
Above the changing table - 2 art prints we loved ordered off Etsy & little B's name hand stitched by her mama
Crib setup - The wall hanging was handmade by baby's grandma & great grandma...an heirloom which we
will treasure forever! The mobile, crib skirt, and patchwork quilt were made by me. 
Family storage cabinet (stuffed with miscellany) plus a basket of blankets for baby,
a Craigslist rock & play, and a handmade shelf with board books & baskets for toys
Our snazzy glider (graciously given secondhand by a family member) complete with a blanket
from my childhood, plus some wooden wall art which was my first nursery project back in August 
Baby's half-closet (the other half is misc storage) - door organizer currently holding onesies & cloth diapers,
shelf bins holding blankets and other misc. The tiny hanging dresses melt my heart!

I'm sure things will get moved around dozens more times as we go, but it's been fun putting everything together. 
And of course, we can't wait for her to join us at her new home!