Hello! I'm Sarah and that handsome guy there is my husband Charlie. I started blogging back in 2012 at A Song for the Birds as a way for me to slow down, to "remember to look around instead of only looking forward." Although I'm still a planner in many ways, my blogging intentions have shifted quite a bit and our life looks very different now than it did then. As such, it was time for a fresh start in a new space that better reflects my interests, goals, and life today...and Teaspoon, Thimble & Trowel was born. The name encompasses many of my favorite things, both those I enjoy and those in which I hope to grow. 

      Teaspoon - I've always loved to bake, but since getting married, I've invested a lot more time into cooking, nutrition, meal planning, and preserving. 
      Thimble - For me, home life isn't complete without a love of sewing, quilting, embroidery, and general making-it-yourself-ness, in whatever form it takes. 
      Trowel - By far my most "room to grow" category, I'm determined to become a proficient gardener no matter how little plantable area we actually own.

Although lacking in blog-able alliteration, I am also passionate about my faith, reading, simple living, organization, making natural products, reducing waste in our home, and supporting women before/during/after birth as a doula. And of course, spending lots of time with the most hilarious & incredible guy I know.

Just for fun, here are two songs I really love:

Note about the blog:
Although I thoroughly enjoy blogging, I have struggled in the past with fighting the need to make my previous blog more than I wanted it to be. There is a lot of pressure in the blog world to generate daily content, engage with readers, market yourself, and connect with lots of other blogs/bloggers. It can quickly become a full-time job! Although that is a great thing for some, it doesn't really work for me or align with my intentions for blogging. That being said, there will be no routine posting schedule here. I hope you enjoy what I share, and I look forward to connecting with you whenever you decide to stop by. To help alleviate the stress of increasing page stats, you'll notice no option for leaving comments. However, I always welcome your thoughts, so please email me if you have a question about a post or something to add. In addition to the lack of comments, there will also never be ads on this page or button/banner swapping. Any products I mention are completely of my own volition and I never receive payment, kick-backs, or any other form of compensation for what I write. Any giveaways are "sponsored" by me and likely, my stash fabric bin. If you're a business interested in making some kind of partner-arrangement, I'd kindly encourage you to approach another blogger with those requests. This blog is just a place to share projects and thoughts, and only when they are worth sharing. I hope you stick around!